Getting started with Agoric Incentivized Testnet

First of all, I’d like to thank Agoric team for choosing me as a Validator for Incentivized Testnet. The selection process was very competitive (thousands for applications and only 150 seats available), so I am super excited to be among of the most talented candidates.

Testnet overview

Actually, Agoric team was running their Testnet for quite a long time already (personally, I joined the network in January 2021), so after the long period of development an Incentivized Testnet was presented. It includes five phases, during which selected Validators will be learning about the project and the validating process, completing different technical and community challenges, as well as build useful tools. This will be a preaparation for upcoming Agoric Mainnet.

My configuration

One of the most important steps prior to setting up any node is the selection of appropriate hardware. Personally, I prefer using VPS for my nodes as Cloud Providers guarantee 24/7 work of the node. For Agoric Incentivized Testnet I ordered the following configuration:

  • 4 CPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Disk space

This should be enough for stable node operation.

Getting started

My first task as a Validator was to set up my node. As I am familiar with Cosmos-based nodes (participated in Agoric Testnet in January, also run nodes for Desmos and Althea), so the process was quite similar. Agoric team has prepared a cool step-by-step guide for Incentivized Testnet participants, so it just took me about 20 minutes to set up a node.

The main steps were to install such basic tools Node.js and Go, configure node and network parameters, wait for node sync and create a validator.

You are now able to track my participation using this Explorer link:

Moving forward

Having my node running, I am now looking forward the next phases of Agoric Incentivized Testnet!

Agoric Website:
Incentivized Testnet page:
Agoric Twitter:
Agoric Discord:
Agoric Telegram:




Crypto Enthusiast & Investor | SKALE Network Ambassador

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Ivan Grozny

Ivan Grozny

Crypto Enthusiast & Investor | SKALE Network Ambassador

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