Radix DLT — Token Sale Recap

Key facts

  1. Token ticker: eXRD.
  2. Token type: ERC-20 (initially issued on Ethereum blockchain, later will be exchangeable for native XRD tokens).
  3. Accepted currencies: USDC and ETH.
  4. Token price: 0.039$ per token.
  5. Minimum Investment Size: $5,000.
  6. Maximum Investment Size: $2,000,000.
  7. Total tokens available for Token Sale: 642,000,000 eXRD.
  8. Hard Cap: $25,000,000.
  9. Token Sale type: First Come — First Served.
  10. KYC/AML checks: required, processed by Altcoinomy after payment.
    Note: (certain jurisdictions, such as the USA, will be excluded from participating. You can check a full list of restricted countries using this link).
  11. Token Sale begins: October 8th, 2020 at 18:00 UTC.
  12. Token Sale ends: November 10th, 2020 at 18:00 UTC or until all tokens are sold out.
Radix Token Sale Key Facts


Radix team has reported 27,000 people expressed their interest in purchasing Radix tokens. As the demand is huge, it was decided to create a special Radix Token Sale Portal, where potential investors will be able to claim their eXRD token allocations on a first-to-send funds basis.

Prior to making any purchase, you have to sign up on Radix Token Sale Portal and sign a Token Sale Agreement. All purchases are subject to the successful completion of KYC/AML and confirmation of any regulatory terms.

Important Rules:

  1. You must ONLY send funds via the official Radix tokens portal (https://radixtokens.com/). It is the only place where the tokens can be purchased, the other sources might be created by scammers, be careful!
  2. You must ONLY send funds (USDC or ETH) from your personal wallet, sending funds from an exchange wallet may result in you being unable to access your Radix eXRD tokens.

What’s next?

Token Distribution Begins— November 17, 2020

Due to the new economics model, all Radix tokens buyers are subject to a price-based unlocking schedule. Locked tokens will be held on a smart contract that will enable withdrawals after the reach of certain price milestones. The contract is being audited by Quantstamp prior to the launch in order to guarantee the smooth and secure token distribution process.

Liquidity Incentives— November 17, 2020

With the recent trends in DeFi industry, Radix will allow community members to participate directly in providing liquidity, while also giving opportunities for building holdings while supporting the token.

To facilitate the launch, a certain Radix token allocation has been reserved to incentivize liquidity provision that will be essential for the organic and decentralized distribution of Radix tokens. These incentives will be targeted to benefit the long-term health and growth of Radix.

Further details of the liquidity incentives and the platforms that will be supported will be announced closer to the launch date on November 17, 2020.




Crypto Enthusiast & Investor | SKALE Network Ambassador

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Ivan Grozny

Ivan Grozny

Crypto Enthusiast & Investor | SKALE Network Ambassador

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